Difference between Ammonia-Free and Ammonia Hair Dyes?

Ammonia-based hair dye penetrates the hair structure better, ensuring a long-lasting color. Ammonia-free dyes are gentler on the hair structure but may not guarantee 100% coverage of gray hair. When choosing any color, it’s important to know that the higher the percentage of gray hair, the lighter the hair color.


Things to Consider when Choosing a Face Cream?

The cream should correspond to age criteria and be selected according to your skin type. For dry skin, choose a cream that, in addition to providing extra moisture, also retains moisture in the skin. Creams containing hyaluronic acid are suitable for this purpose. For oily skin, matte creams are recommended to correct excess oil. Problematic skin requires special care, so creams and accessories that remove black spots, rashes, and redness are recommended. For mature skin, creams with a lifting effect are recommended, reducing the depth of wrinkles, restoring smoothness, and elasticity.


How to Choose a Foot Cream?

If you spend most of your time on your feet, we recommend creams that relieve tension, fatigue, and swelling that accumulates throughout the day. For this purpose, Venolgon cream is effective in reducing swelling and tension accumulated in the feet during the day. Creams containing 10% urea or urea are suitable for treating deep cracks and heel fissures. An active plant complex with allantoin and vitamin F stimulates skin cell regeneration (salmon heel cream, heel care product).


Introduction to the “Rescue Circle” Cream Series?

This series of creams contain plant extracts and concentrates of natural components, making them highly effective. When choosing from this series, we recommend paying attention to creams such as knee cream, bear cream, badger cream, balm with pine resin, highly effective for colds and respiratory diseases, suvitital, venovital, among others.