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Friends multipurpose liquid laundry soap with lilac aroma, 1L

The soap has effective detergency and all the benefits of laundry soap. It is suitable for any type of fabrics. It removes dirt at temperature range from 25 °С to 95 °С and is effective at any washing cycle. The detergent provides delicate wash, prevents damage of fabrics and makes clothes last longer. It is also a multipurpose detergent for household, namely, for washing floor and dishes, kitchen worktop, and sanitary ware. The detergent is effective for any type of surface. Possesses effective detergent properties and all the advantages of laundry soap. Suitable for washing all types of fabrics. Provides removal of dirt at temperatures from 25 ° C to 95 ° C, effective in any washing mode. Gently takes care of the fabric, prevents damage and premature wear of things. It is also a universal product for cleaning the house: for washing floors, dishes, kitchen surfaces, plumbing. Effective on all surfaces.

SILA 8 in 1 liquid laundry soap, bottle, 600 ml

“Sila” liquid laundry soap is intended for household purposes. It is suitable for any surfaces cleaning, including dishes, household utensils and containers made of various materials, as well as hand and machine wash of clothes. For washing clothes, dissolve the necessary amount of the detergent in water or add it into the washing machine, then wash the clothes and rinse. For washing dishes and various surfaces: dissolve the necessary amount of the detergent in water or pour it onto the sponge or surface, rub the dirt and thouroughly wash off with water. For hard water, add 1.5 times more detergent. Sila multipurpose detergent is must-have product in household. Its liquid form is suitable for washing any type of surfaces. It copes well with the most stubborn dirt through its innovative formula, destroys dirt from the inside. The benefits of the product: - perfect for washing any types of clothes; - perfect for washing utensils, toys, containers; - perfect for washing dishes; - no damage to hands skin; - removes grease from surfaces; - eliminates unpleasant odour